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Cases-Cases originated as a spin-off of Instrument Dynamics, a 50 year old manufacturer’s representative company for seven IT solutions manufacturers. The focal point of the business was computer storage racks. Migrating the business from stationary packaging systems to portable ones was a natural progression.

Cases-Cases provides the single-source high quality case solutions you need for your packaging and shipping applications- commercial, industrial, and military. We provide both standard and custom cases, as well as standard and custom interiors. Our expertise allows us to resolve the most challenging and unique case requirements quickly. We work with rotationally molded, injection molded, aluminum, fabricated, and soft-sided cases. Whether you require one case or 1000 cases, we can provide you with the best solution.

Cases-Cases offers design, manufacturing, testing, and integration services. We strive to provide case solutions quickly and cost effectively, often providing custom cases within 24 hours. Please call us at or e-mail us with your application. Our professional team is here to solve your problems on time and on budget.

Service is our #1 priority. Long-term customer satisfaction and repeat business from our customers is our #1 goal.