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USN Explosive Ordnance Detachment Case Study

United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Detachment


The Challenge

To develop a suite of cases for the storage and deployment of medical supplies for the detachment. The cases needed to meet the environmental and transportation rigors of a small mobile fighting unit. The cases needed to safely and securely store multiple medical items from bottles of pain reliever to AED’s. The cases needed to be field-portable on wheels, lockable, and stackable for storage.


The Solution

Cases-Cases developed a three-case solution, each for a slightly different use. The suite consisted of three cases of the same size. One was a stor- age case for larger items. The second was a tote storage case that had eight divided medical storage totes. The totes were removable and could be carried wherever needed. The third case was a vertical storage case that kept all of the medical items needed for a specific soldier. The kit stayed with the soldier during battlefield treatment and during airlift for care outside of the theater.


The Result

Cases-Cases was able to develop the Force Protection Medical chest cases very quickly and solved issues not solved by any other available case provider.
— —John Richardson, USN retired