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Cases-Cases has assisted numerous Information Technology (IT) companies and departments in transporting vast amounts of highly sensitive and fragile equipment – equipment that includes handhelds, hard drives, towers, rack servers, and UPS units. We have designed and developed multi-laptop cases for mobile classrooms that are packed and ready for use. They are equally ready for rolling across the hallway or shipping across the country. Do you need a reliable system for safely returning rack components for repair? We offer an anti-static, adjustable shipping case designed to reliably and safely transport rack components. If you require a traveling whole-rack system for field use or disaster recovery, we can work with you to create a set of rack mounted cases specific to your needs, based on weight, quantity of rack units, and ease of transport. We have also designed cases to hold multiple hand-held units, PDAs, hard drives, circuit boards, and other small electronic devices so that you can feel confident about the secure arrival and storage of your equipment.