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When would I need a custom case?

When your request comes outside of what is offered as a standard case. Custom cushions, custom hardware options, or custom locations for standard options are examples.  Please contact a Cases-Cases packaging specialist to review your application needs.

What are the advantages of reusable packaging?

There are many advantages including cost savings, durability, waste reduction, shipping cost savings, as well as professional looking products.

What are the differences in case types?

Rotationally molded, injection molded, fabricated, metal, blow bolded, and vacuum formed.  All have their own features and benefits.

Why do I need a custom cushion vs. pick and pluck foam?

A custom cushion is needed when you have oddly shaped cavities or higher cushioning requirements. The custom cushion will typically protect your unit to a higher degree. The cushion material will also hold up longer over repeated installations and removals.

What are the steps for me to get you to design a custom cushion?

Cases-Cases can design a custom cushion for you. We’d need to receive a list of units going in the case as well as dimensions of the units. This can be accomplished by one of our packaging specialists coming out to you to measure, or you can send in 3D drawings.

A brief description of the environments the case will see is always helpful.

Once we receive the unit lists and dimensions we will pick the correct case size and any special requirements, we will design the cushion interior and send to you for approval.

Once the drawing is approved, we will send you a quote.

You simply place an order with the custom part number we give you.

What kind of foams do you use?

The typical foams are Polyethylene and Polyurethane. There are various densities that we may pick depending on your application. Other types including anti-static and cross link foams.

Are your cases fire retardant?

The rotationally molded cases have been tested to and passed Navy ship board testing.  The injection molded Storm Cases have been tested to and passed the FAR 25.85 Horizontal Test.

What industries do you sell into?

We sell many military and government related cases but we have customers in virtually every market. Medical, Airline, Fire, Law Enforcement, Construction, Oil Industry, to name a few.

Do your cases float in the water?

Yes – they will float. Some of the larger rotationally molded cases would depend on the weight going inside the case to determine its buoyancy.

Do you have airline carry on size cases?

Yes. There are several sizes that can be carried on a plane.  Check with the individual Airline for size restrictions, as they change frequently and for different airports and airlines.

What colors do your cases come in?

Rotationally molded cases come in 14 standard colors including Grey, Black, White, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, OD green, Forest Green, Tan, Yellow, Light Yellow, Maroon,  and Orange.

Injection molded cases come standard in Black, Yellow, OD Green, and sometimes orange and tan.  Please check on availability of other colors.

What options come as standard on a case?

A standard case comes with the latches and hinges as well as handles. Some cases include edge casters.

Do you sell government GSA products?

Yes. Some of our suppliers have GSA contracts.

Why would I use a rack mount case?

You would use a rack mount case when you have a rack mountable unit or if you need operate the units being packaged and / or have easy access both the front and back of the units.

What options can I get in a rack mount case?

There are many options. Please ask your Cases-Cases packaging specialist. A few notables are:  casters, shelves, rack slides, storage pouches, and drawers.

Do your cases stack?

Most cases do stack. The rotationally molded cases have molded in male / female ribs that inter-stack. The IM cases have ridges that align.

How high can I stack cases?

A Cases- Cases packaging specialist would need to review the requirements but cases will stack as high as needed. The PS will make certain that the loads on the bottom of the case are not too great for the case. If they are, some metal stiffening can be added.

What case marking options do you offer?

Cases-Cases offers stenciling, metal foil ID plates, foil stamping, vinyl labels, and for very large runs – molded in graphics.

Why are Mil Specs important to me?  I’m a commercial customer.

Mil Specs set the operational and environmental standards for the packaging industry. If you can determine the environments your package will see, we can show you prior testing that proves the case will meet your requirements.

How do I read your rotationally molded case part numbers?

The part number is the rough interior size of the case.

For example: AL2216-1205. The AL determines case style. The first 22 is the left to right dimension in inches. The 16 is the front to back dimension in inches. The -12 is the base height and the 05 is the lid height (for an overall internal height of 17”)

What tolerances can the cases be molded to?

Rotationally molded case tolerances vary depending on the size. The bigger the case – the higher the variance. IM cases are molded to very tight tolerances. Please contact a Cases-Cases packaging specialist to review your application.

Can you cut / route holes in a case for me?

We can do custom cut holes and routed holes set to your specifications. Please contact a Cases-Cases packaging specialist for a quote.

How much weight can a rotationally molded case hold?

The weight is not limited. Plastic rotationally molded cases can hold thousands of pounds. Some wall and lid metal stiffening may be needed in certain applications. Please contact a Cases-Cases packaging specialist to review your application.

Can I get a completely removable lid?

Any rotationally molded case can be ordered with a completely removable lid.

Injection molded cases would need to be custom designed and be quoted as such. Please contact a Cases-Cases packaging specialist to review your application.

Can I operate my unit inside the case?

Some rotationally molded cases have a low profile base height which allows you to remove the lid and have full access to the units. Rack mount cases are designed to be used with the front and rear lids removed.

What are the features and benefits of your cases?

Each case type has its own features and benefits but most plastic cases are lightweight and durable. They come with durable latches and hinges and comfortable handles. Please contact your Cases-Cases packaging specialist to take you through the features and benefits of cases for your specific application.

How high can a case be dropped from and still survive?

Each application is unique, but some cases have been dropped from as high as 35 feet and survived. Please contact a Cases-Cases packaging specialist to review your application.

How much weight can your plastic handle hold?

Each plastic handle is rated to hold 150 pounds.

What material(s) is the rotationally molded cases made from?

The material is Polyethylene. Medium and low densities are used depending on the case size.

What material(s) is the injection molded cases made from?

The pelican classic cases are made from a Polypropylene copolymer material.

The Storm cases are made from a specially formulated blend.

What temperatures can the cases tolerate?

Rotationally molded cases are rated to -20º F up to 120º F. Although they have been tested to greater ranges for certain applications.

Pelican Classic IM cases have been rated to -10º F to 210º F.

What adhesives and/or paints can be used on the cases?

Due to the nature of the Polyethylene and Polypropylene materials being chemically inert, very little will degrade the material. That also means that very few materials will adhere to it. There are some 3M adhesives that work well as well as paints and inks. Please contact a Cases-Cases Specialist for specific materials as well as procedures to ensure proper assembly.

Are there any hazardous substances in the case material?

The list of hazardous or banned substances is continually changing. Please check with a Cases-Cases specialist if you require any material restrictions. Most cases meet ROHS and restrictions on lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE’s.

Can you perform testing to my requirements?


Are the cases air and water tight?

Rotationally molded cases have the option of air water tight with a close loop gasket and pressure relief valve (PRV).

IM cases come standard with the closed gasket and PRV.

What material is the gasket made of?

Rotationally molded case gasket is a silicone based material.

Pelican Classic case gaskets are an EPDM material.

Do you offer custom sizes and colors?

Custom colors can be obtained with specific fed standard or pantone numbers. There is a one-time charge for the color match and then recurring charges each time the color is reordered for machine set-up.

Can I replace hardware myself?

Most hardware for rotationally molded cases is replaceable with a drill and rivet gun.

Are your cases TSA approved?


Do your cases come with a warranty?

IM cases come with a lifetime warranty.

Rotationally molded cases have a 1 year warranty limited to workmanship or defective parts.

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