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9430SL Spot Light Remote Area Lighting System

9430SL Spot Light Remote Area Lighting System


When we introduced the 9430 Remote Area Lighting System, it changed the way we light our work.

Pelican continues to lead the industry:

  • The new Spot Beam and Infrared Beam models save lives and defeats enemy threats.


  • With a tight, 10° beam, the new 9430SL (Spot Light) reaches hundreds of yards for effective search and rescue, law enforcement and military operations.
  • And with a run time of up to 15 hrs, the 9430SL will outlast the longest night of the year.

The 9430IR (Infrared) enhances Night Vision optics to provide improved visibility in complete darkness. With a low thermal signature, the 9430IR is perfect for covert surveillance.

The 9430 RALS family: searching, defending and illuminating a moonless night near you.

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